Seeds of Success

Review by Pelican Press

Seeds of Success by Sheryl TowersThe pursuit of success can drive people to endlessly seek outside acceptance. Raises and praise from employers and social peer groups may be a sign of prosperity and progress but should not be mistaken for genuine achievement. According to Sheryl Towers, the founder of Life Enrichment Skills, only that which contributes to a person’s overall happiness and spiritual depth can be considered true success.

By using the metaphor of seeds blossoming into life, Towers adds a depth and personalization that transcends the standard step-by-step self-improvement guide. Through seventeen basic principles, or seeds, such as honesty, integrity, and faith, Towers lays the groundwork for a life of fulfillment. Each tenet, when cultivated and practiced, can enhance a person’s sense of self and help them prepare a better future.

Her view is a combination of realism and optimism. Seeking true success, she admits, can take time, patience, and resolve. As someone who has risen above negative conditioning to live by her own terms, Towers provides firm encouragement to support the reader through their journey. Words of wisdom from respected intellectuals, sports figures, and business executives combine with inspirational stories to guide those who wish to add true value to every aspect of their lives.


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