What People Say About Seeds of Success

For those who have experienced the wounds of an unhappy childhood and life, this book can offer you the chance to give birth to a new life and heal the wounds of the past. It is a guide book which can coach you to achieve true success; which is not the accumulation of things but of achieving happiness.
Bernie Siegel, MD

author, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and Love, Magic & Mudpies

Sheryl Towers is a seeker. In Seeds of Success, she shares in profound simplicity the essential elements of a treasure-filled life.
Margie Zugich

Former CEO of Onsite Workshops

Before you plant this seed, it’s a good idea to ‘study up.’ Seeds of Success is a wonderful manual to help all of us grow to be the best. Read it and find more of the garden you dream about.
W Mitchell

author, It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It

“Sheryl Towers not only offers the reader empowering information in her book, but she stands behind it with her life experience. Rather than simply walking through life, she has incorporated her learnings and observations into a message of wisdom for each reader. Her writing is realistic, clear and inspiring.”
Sharon Wegscheider -Cruse,

author, Learning to Love Yourself and The Miracle of Recovery

Sheryl Towers has discovered the seeds, root system, and fertilizer needed to cultivate greatness within everyone. This book will teach you the attitudes and actions needed to maximize your possibilities.
Roger Crawford

author, How High Can You Bounce? Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

Sheryl Towers has served up an exceptionally articulate prescription for nurturing and building inner peace and personal growth. Her clear, cohesive, and compassionate exploration of personal responsibility, self-awareness, discipline, self worth, and spiritual growth, among others, is refreshing and inspiring. Her honest perspective and personal revelations bring forth a sensible road map to navigate the perilous twists and turns of life. Sheryl’s book addresses how to find the power to confront life and live passionately. It is a wonderful blueprint for attaining peace and harmony inside and out. The only thing I can add is the 18th way to nurture the greatness within you, which is to acquire this book as soon as possible.
Dr. Mary Goldenson

author, It’s Time: No One is Coming to Save You

Thought provoking and insightful, Seeds of Success is a real-world guide to motivate people out of their comfort zone.
Tara McCloskey

President & CEO, The Grind Show Online

You will find inspiration and encouragement on every page of this book. With her personal story of transformation and numerous examples of others, Sheryl Towers guides you through all the steps you need to allow your life to blossom. I highly recommend this book.

Dr. Patricia Crane

author, Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations

Sheryl Towers not only offers the reader empowering information in her book, but she stands behind it with her life experience. Rather than simply walking through life, she has incorporated her learnings and observations into a message of wisdom for each reader. Her writing is realistic, clear and inspiring.

Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

author, Learning to Love Yourself and The Miracle of Recovery

“Sheryl Towers explores success in such a detailed, insightful manner; it greatly enhances our ability to achieve it.”

Jacquelyn Small

author, Awakening In Time and The Sacred Purpose of Being Human


This book by first-time author, Sheryl Towers, is a gem. It is full of highlighter worthy affirmations like “How we treat the world is how the world treats us; …On the journey, it’s not what we get that makes us successful; it is what we become.” By sharing her own struggles in life and that of others throughout history, Towers helps us see we CAN overcome our deepest fears and negative self-talk by developing a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves. We all are deserving and worthy of love, even though some of us may have been conditioned to think otherwise. What is so encouraging is that we all have the power to choose our thoughts and beliefs and change self-defeating habits that keep us living small.


I think we all want a life of joy, love and meaning. Towers, in this beautifully written guidebook, shares her recipe for success, which she measures as the amount of joy felt on a daily basis. The stories of her life and those of others are truly inspiring and speak right to your heart! No matter your age, gender or circumstances, this book has a powerful message for all of us.


Ellen Bush

Loving Ourselves is the Key to a Joyful Life, January 31, 2010

What does one say that hasn’t been said about such a wonderful book. Sheryl helped me in a time in my life where I myself did not realize just how bad of shape I was in. She allowed me to grow and supported me even before I realized that my thinking would develope and grow beyond what I saw my future to be. The book is a wonderful reflection of the person she is and the way we all should think and live in life. We have a responsibility to be active in creating the life we want. We can’t just wait for someone to do it for us.
The wonderful thing about this book is you can read it again and again and still get something out of it each and everytime.
A Georgia girl that spreads her wings

A book you will read for life., November 17, 2012

Kindness, empathy and gentleness in every word and yet straight forward in every detail. Love Sheryl Towers’ wonderful book, “Seeds of Success”. I keep it on a table beside my favorite chair and refer to it over and over. There are so many life lessons that I can’t seem to remember and use all of them all of the time!

Sheryl’s Great Guide, March 1, 2012

Sheryl’s book “Seeds of Success” gives helpful solutions to events in our lives that keep us from achieving our highest level of success. Her personal experience and knowledge provide insight into what one needs to do to achieve a life of success Seeds of Success: 17 Ways to Nurture the Greatness Within You and peace of mind. It inspired me to buy two more books as gifts for my children. Thanks Sheryl.
Frank Gaudry

Enlightning, February 7, 2012

This is a wonderful book for anyone who is on the path of self-improvement. It is written in a highly readable fashion with both personal stories and selections from other inspirational authors. Each chapter provides wonderful lessons and “ah-ha” moments that both inspire and enlighten. It is a bedside table must-have that I refer back to again and again.
Katie Powers

Very inspirational, February 21, 2012

The moment I finished this book, I ordered another for my 25 year old daughter. Sheryl Towers inspires us with the fluidity of life’s journey and challenges us to be fully present and free to love ourselves in all our imperfection. Seeds of Success is engaging, with rich personal anecdotes; empowering, with deep, encouraging insights; and practical, with clarity and direction. A treasure trove of wisdom!!
Mary Robinson

A treasure trove of wisdom., April 13, 2012

For decades, Sheryl Towers has been inspiring women – and everyone with whom she works, to become their best selves. She is a masterful educator and facilitator – and now author, who cares deeply about touching lives. “Seeds of Success” is an extension of her life-long work. The book is like Sheryl – warm and straight-forward. The reader comes away understanding there’s no magic pill for personal growth, but with an open mind, an open heart, and an equal measure of self-discipline, there are strategies that make success achievable. Sheryl conveys that at any age and any stage of life, personal fulfillment is possible and worth pursuing. “Seeds of Success” is a manifesto for seeking that fulfillment.

A Keeper, February 24, 2012

I am finishing my second reading of Sheryl Tower’s book “Seeds of Success: 17 Ways to Nurture the Greatness Within You”. Once again I am amazed in the self journey and life enriching day to day applications that I can apply and use EVERY day of my life. Family, career, and social life, all that I live day to day! I am re-reading now, and I believe I will keep this book beside me for encouragement and assurance that embody the power and ability to improve my life with balance, self-awareness, integrity, self-worth, attitude, thoughts, dreams, gratitude, spirituality…and so much more. So often in my day to day journey I think about Sheryl and how willing she is to share of her own life from the heart. She cares and feels so very much and if these things can help another it is one more seed that has sprouted to become something greater in this life. I plan to give Sheryl’s book as gifts this year. If this book can give to one friend as it has given me, it will be a wonderful gift for all!!! Thank you Sheryl, I will be forever grateful for your work and sharing !
Beth Elier Anderson

Yesterdays, Todays, and Tomorrows… “with new eyes”, February 3, 2012

I first met Sheryl when she was an aerobics instructor at the Macon Wellness Center in the early 80’s. She impressed me from our first meeting ~ she was without a doubt, the most positive and inspirational person I had ever met! Her positive energy and joy for life vibrated to all around her. When I recently read her book “Seeds of Success” I was not surprised to learn that her book was actually an extension of Sheryl and her talent to influence others to grow in a positive, compassionate, and self motivating individual. She reflects on her life’s experiences and her path to emotional and spiritual growth in an easy to apply scenario. Her perpetual positive energy can be felt throughout her book ~ a must read for nurturing your own seeds of success!
Patti Chapman

Seeds of Success by Sheryl Towers, February 21, 2012

Author, Sheryl Towers. reveals how our own personal challenges and inner work can be the motivation to the greatest successes of growth. Her entertaining, yet direct style of prose is woven, layer by layer, with inspiring insight on how our life experiences, along with our choices we make in our mind, can be pivotal in the happiness which exist in our lives. Towers encourages the importance of one’s own accountability in the success for happiness. Fantastic Read!!!!
Kay Williams

A Masterful Work!!!!, March 15, 2012

Sheryl’s book is about transforming your life to be the best you can be, while you are choosing joy. Her life lessons are rules for the road you can live by.


Sheryl Towers is the Best, February 13, 2012

Sheryl Towers is passionate about her life’s work and is committed to encouraging and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Her style of training is compelling. She speaks to our minds and hearts in a unique way as she blends wisdom, humor and practical experience into her teaching. Through various training programs with staff and management, Sheryl has helped our company build and maintain a positive and productive work environment, motivating our employees to reach beyond themselves. She has an undeniable gift for enabling others to explore possibilities they didn’t know existed.

Richard H. Batton

President,, RHB Consulting, LLC

What People Say About Transforming Your Life

Very well-written; enjoyed it so much! Everyone would benefit from reading this book.
Marsha Maddox

Wonderful Book! June 1, 2016

Amazon Customer

Five Stars May 31, 2016

Sheryl once again shared a book full of wisdom and serenity. Every chapter provided thoughtful insights into creating a life full of purpose and happiness. Highly recommend!
Amazon Customer

Full of wisdom June 2, 2016

What People Say About Embracing a New Vision of Aging

Enjoyed the knowledge this book provides to all age groups!
Amy L

Enjoyed the knowledge this book provides to all age groups! October 19, 2018

As someone on the leading edge of the Baby Boomers, I’m becoming keenly aware that age is not a number but an attitude. I also firmly believe that attitude, especially optimism, is a choice we make everyday. This book is a practical guide to making the right choices as we navigate new, and sometimes frightening, phases of our lives. It’s not just a book, it is a tool for an abundance of self reflection and conversation. I recommend it for any age. You can’t begin too soon.- Shep
Shep Marsh

A quick, practical, applicable read October 13, 2018

Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air. It lifted my spirits and motivated me to adopt a more positive outlook on the years to come. Thank you to Sheryl Towers for encouraging her readers to look beyond our society’s dismal view of aging. It can and should be a special and productive time in one’s life! I plan to read this wonderful book on a yearly basis!

A refreshing perspective! October 22, 2018

Uplifting thoughts no matter what age you are!!! There are always ways to reinvent yourself. Forget the stereotype of aging. Very good book. You will read it more than once and learn something new each time.
Joyce P

Very uplifting book October 21, 2018

This loving book is a beautiful fresh approach and shift that can help us embrace aging. No longer do we need to just grow older, rather, we can say goodbye to the conventional stereotypes and limitations and look at aging with a new perspective.
Sheryl Towers’ book affirms that we must be careful to not buy into the old ways of thinking but to embrace a new vision of aging for ourselves and like minded people. If you want to live happily, healthily and passionately at any age, then it is time to challenge traditional outdated thinking and embrace a new vision of aging for now and the future! Highly recommended!
Pamela Cofield

Highly recommended October 18, 2018

This book is not just for senior citizens! It is applicable to all ages, particularly those seeking help in creating a life of joy and meaning in a culture that values how things look “on the outside.” By example and process, the author empowers the reader to overcome negative thought patterns and other challenges that can lead to suffering. For a thoughtful and compassionate road map to a fulfilling life, this read is a must!

A book for every age! October 12, 2018

I have worked with seniors for many years in an assisted living setting. Reading “Embracing a New Vision of Aging” confirms that no matter your age or your ability, you can almost always learn something new if you have a positive attitude. You can age in place or you can make a difference every day in somebody’s life. You can learn new tricks if you are still functioning mentally. Listen to Sheryl and continue to make a difference and continue to learn! Better yet, read the book and be positive even if you are not as fast as you once were, you are still as good.
Claudia Wells

It encourages you to keep moving and keep growing no matter your age.October 25, 2018

Through Sheryls’ book “The Seeds of Success I have been able to continue to grow in ways and to go further in my traditional thought patterns of what success is defined as. I have gone “outside the box” in my thinking and realized that it wasn’t always about a materialistic accumulation of “things” that defined success. Success is really within all of us from the beginning ,it is just how we are nutured as we are raised that allows us to reach our full potential as to whether we feel successful in all areas of our lives.Through this book Sheryl helps us realize that we all have this God given potential and it is up to us to develope it now if it was not developed in our chilhoods. It is never too late to tap into that and to be that successful person that God designed you to be.

This book addressed the negative stigma associated with the belief system we seem to have bought into regarding aging as the end of life as we know it now experience!!!! it is not something to be dreaded that we go into kicking and screaming but rather something we should move through with fun, laughter, enjoyment , and wisdom. The view we may have of aging can be redefined and embraced!!!

Shauna Davis

Very Empowering Read!!! October 24, 2018

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