Lately I have been thinking about how examining our inner world is essential for our spiritual journey of awakening.  As we look inward, we can discover our unresolved issues that keep us unaware or blocked from living our potential and most importantly, from knowing our essential loving nature.  We then have the opportunity to resolve those issues.  This may mean revisiting our past in a compassionate and healing way and rewriting any demoralizing stories we may have about the past that are a barrier to our ability to live and love as freely as we desire.  We can see that as architects of our own life, the past has given us material with which to work.  We have a choice to make use of everything that we have experienced, to see our past as one big bank account giving us our present richness and wisdom.  We can see that everything was simply grist for the mill preparing us to awaken to our true authentic self.  We understand that we can offer the wisdom we have garnered from our life experiences as a service to the world.