As I felt an old mind pattern arising today that typically brings me down, I found myself wanting to eat.  The problem was I had just eaten.  So it occurred to me that maybe eating wasn’t the solution.  Having been on the path of self-awareness for some time, I knew that distraction and resistance to what I was thinking and feeling wasn’t the answer.

Not wanting the old negative mind patterns to continue spiraling and generating corresponding negative feelings, I took a pause to hear the story behind the mind pattern.  It wasn’t a particularly inspiring one to say the least.  As I began to question the story with which I have long been identified, I slowly began to feel a little relief.  And as I felt the unpleasant feelings without feeding or indulging them, I experienced even more relief.

I did my very best to stay aware and not identify with the story floating through my head.  I just observed and questioned.  Perhaps I did not totally rewire the pathway in my brain which this story had created over time, but I felt very encouraged that I was doing a reset.  I know that as I continue to practice new and more empowering stories, as well as new behaviors, I can develop new ways of thinking and being that will bring me greater joy and fulfillment.  I believe this is true for each and every one of us.