Foster Bell

Although I have attended many similar workshops, I was extremely inspired by Sheryl’s presentation, both the concepts she shared and also her approach to the presentation. I was especially struck by her extraordinary patience in dealing with a somewhat reluctant group of college instructors who were required to stay over for a mandatory staff development meeting at the end of a very tiring quarter. Unlike many good speakers, Sheryl demonstrated that she is also a “gifted listener.” Some of us in the teaching profession tend to think there is little that we need to be taught about being successful. Nevertheless, through Sheryl’s brilliant use of questions, she was able to generate meaningful dialogue with our faculty. A quote attributed to Abraham Maslow insists that “If the only tool a person has is a hammer, he (or she) will tend to treat everything like a nail.” Sheryl’s presentation “tool kit” is extremely versatile. She certainly contributed to the expansion of the “tool kits” of the instructors in her audience. The very practical concepts she shares will have a very positive impact on the faculty and peer tutors and the students we serve in the newly formed Academic Success Center here at Central GA Tech.

Foster Bell, Coordinator
Academic Success Center
Central Georgia Technical College