Embracing a New Vision of Aging

Contemporary culture is permeated with the caustic message that nothing is more important than youth, and that the natural aging process is to be dreaded, denied, postponed, avoided at all costs. The media crams our minds full of dreadful data of aging as a dire collection of disease, devastation, and loss. Cultural perspectives foster a fear of aging which dramatically affects our experience of growing older.

Seeds of Success:  Nurturing the Greatness Within You

With this highly inspirational guide, you will be empowered to nurture the seeds of success that lie within each of us.  You will be offered timeless principles of living through remarkable stories of great people throughout history who have inspired us, not only through their various achievements, but through their attitudes and values.  As each principle is mapped out in exquisite detail, you will know how it is totally possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. And you will have the insights necessary to cultivate your own greatness.

Transforming Your Life: Moving from Fear to Love, Joy, and Abundance

At any point in time, and regardless of how things appear, we have within ourselves everything required to begin our lives anew. We do not have to remain imprisoned or restricted by our current circumstances. As we take ownership of our happiness through simple but effective changes to the way we approach everyday life, remarkable changes can result. This e-book is a powerful path to greater joy, abundance and love.