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Transformational Coach
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My fervent passion is helping people build more meaning, happiness, and success in their lives and work.  What began as a fierce desire to transform the quality of my own life set me on the path of self discovery and seeking transformational knowledge.   As layers of self-doubt and negativity began to unfurl, and my life started to transform, I became driven to gather more knowledge and to develop greater skills so that I could help others on their own journey.  For over four decades I have continued to learn and hone my skills in many exciting modalities including Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Workplace Well-Being, The Work of Byron Katie, Meditation, Yoga, and many other areas.  I have been fortunate to attend retreats as well as train with many renowned global coaches and teachers.  I have also been privileged to work with scores of organizations in creating a higher level of well-being among their employees.


In the process of seeking and personally practicing the most powerful ways to facilitate personal transformation, as well as utilizing my educational background in psychology, I have learned the art of empowering individuals to get in touch with their inner strengths, target limiting belief, and challenge core issues which may be holding them back from living a life they love.  I have coached hundreds of individuals through my programs and courses, as well as delivered keynotes on a wide variety of personal and professional development topics.  This rich array of personal experience and knowledge has helped me to curate a unique, versatile, and deeply penetrating approach to my work as a coach, speaker, trainer, and writer.




  • MLS, Mercer University, Area of Psychology
  • B.S., University of Georgia
  • Certified Positive Psychology Facilitator
  • Certified Mindfulness Leader
  • Graduate of The School for The Work
  • Certified Age-Ing to Sage-Ing Facilitator
  • Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader
  • Certified Stress Education Facilitator
Sheryl Towers explores success in such a detailed, insightful manner; it greatly enhances our ability to achieve it.

– Jacquelyn Small

author, Awakening In Time and The Sacred Purpose of Being Human