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Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Macon GACognitive Behavioral Coaching is a powerful coaching approach that merges elements of psychology (cognitive behavioral therapy) with regular coaching practice.  CBC is based on the principle that how you think impacts how you feel, and that how you feel impacts how you behave and the actions you take.  In other words, it involves thinking about the impact your thoughts have on your life.
At the heart of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching is the perspective that it is often not the events that cause distress, but the way that we interpret and perceive them.  CBC provides strategies to help clients become more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent concerning their interpretations and perceptions.
CBC seeks answers through a collaborative process called guided discovery which helps clients reach their own truths and solutions.  Through this questioning process, clients identify which thoughts and habits are constructive and which need challenging in order to create more desirable outcomes.  The discoveries and changes made through this process can truly be life-changing.

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